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Work | MARSHALL - Travel Collections

At Marshall, Peeps understand that music lovers are always on the go. Either playing or attending gigs, heading to practice or just socializing.

Rock’n Design brought its expertise and User Experience concepts into the design of each collection and product.

Creating great Travel Items for every occasion:

A mission to recruit, retain and reward consumers with groundbreaking branded travel product concepts in partnership with Marshall Amplification

Sustainable and Eco-minded practices and production:

There will be purpose behind the way you use, feel and discover your Marshall Travel item as well the way we build, design and care for it. At Marshall, they do their best not to pollute the planet so they take plastic bottles out of the trash, break it down into fibre and spin it into high-density, durable, and yet soft material that is used to make the Crosstown Collection and the Seeker backpack.

Photos Courtesy of XTRA-Brands

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