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PHILIPPE V | A Brand With a Strong Purpose |

Philippe V is an act of resistance. Resistance to the way the world is shifting. We don’t believe in letting societies dictate how we should feel or act; we believe in expressing our inner selves and core values by living with respect and dignity. If dignity and respect could be found in an object, a ring, a wearable or a piece of eyewear, it surely would be a Philippe V.

From Product Design to Brand Story, Global image and Strategy, Rock'n Design shapes the future success of a unique brand.

Brand Story

Philippe V, founded by Designer Philippe Vergez and Creative Director Thierry Halbroth, is a brand of accessories and wearables that was born out of the observed need of people to celebrate their true identity. World travelers and stylists in their own right, the two creative minds have shaped a brand offering people the chance to feel real and understood. The brand embraces authentic anarchist beliefs, and is a direct reflection of what is buried deep inside many people: a refusal to be tamed, and a desire to live a non-conformed life. Philippe V brings a new vision and a fresh impulse to those who wish to experience life fully.

Anarchy is the consciousness of being. As a philosopher once said, ”The true Anarchist decries all influences save those of love and reason. Ideas are his only arms.” Philippe V embraces this idea that unites people from all over the world, sharing the same mindset and the same ideals of travel and lifestyle. We value singularity and diversity. We encourage uniqueness, forward-thinking and stylish rebellious personas, such as rock and roll icons, artists, writers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who leave timeless marks. Our brand strives to unite these like-minded individuals. It gives them a sense of belonging and invites them to express freely who they are through ancestral iconography mixed with a contemporary voice.

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