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Start Up | Bringing your business idea to life |

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Starting something from nothing is no small feat. Do you have a winning business idea? A group of like-minded people who want to build a dream together? We can help.

Some areas we can help include vetting through business concepts, building business models, writing business plans and developing fundraising strategies. Many of our advisors have hands-on startup experience and deep industry knowledge.

First, we start you off with our proprietary 2-day branding workshop…through this process you’ll arrive at a clear idea of what your brand stands for, making critical decisions on how it is differentiated and authentic. Then we help you turn the idea and brand position into a well-structured business with business planning, financial modeling, brand and marketing strategy development, pitch deck development and fundraising coaching. Our creative team can help with logo design, copywriting and general content creation; our design team can help with product design; and our management team can help with production planning and marketing strategy development.

You get the idea! We are here to support you through every major aspect of a startup’s early cycle. We are entrepreneurs ourselves so we are happy to work out flexible payment plans to help you turn your great idea into a real, viable business.

Building a startup involves many trial and error, which can be costly. We hope that by sharing our experience, know-how and resources, we can minimize that for you. We provide guidance and blueprint to help you think strategically, set clear direction and achieve flawless execution.

Some of our experience includes building an eyewear brand from zero to US $50 million in a few years with no marketing budget. Putting fashion accessories on many of Hollywood’s A-lists. Building a leather accessories brand that was picked up by Saks Fifth Avenue from the inaugural collection. Advising a startup skincare brand from branding, formulation to marketing positioning/strategy. Creating a revolutionary beauty tech brand… just to name a few.

We understand how important it is to be authentic and to connect with consumers in a meaningful and sustainable manner. We bring our creativity, strong business acumen and expertise to accelerate your launch, growth and success.

Contact us, we will tell you more about our Start Up Packages and be happy to help.

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