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Twinwoods Estate | A Passion for Wine as thick as Blood |

Blessed with an optimal combination of sun and earth, Twinwoods delivers exceptional wines

from a single estate. With outmost respect to nature and the art of wine making, Twinwoods wines offer a sophisticated taste that is a harmonious marriage of heritage and


The Story

A fourth-generation winemaker of European descent, Aldo Bratovic was born and raised in

Australia with a passion for wine as thick as blood. After spending decades to hone-in his skills

in Europe and the US, he returns to Australia to enter into a collaboration with Jebsen Fine


When fate led Aldo and his team to Margaret River in Western Australia, after a long and exhaustive search, they kicked the soil and declared “now THIS is good country”. The land was not only blessed with top-quality soil but also with superb climate and an optimal light exposure for cultivating grapes such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

And it was with these inherit advantages that Twinwoods Estate was born in 2005. The name Twinwoods was coined as the estate was populated with beautiful Jarrah and Karri forests, two species of eucalyptus. We like to think that this also signifies the duality of our brand that is both heritage-centric and contemporary.

Twinwoods is a family-owned, quality-obsessed estate that is responsible for the cultivation, vinification and bottling of its own wine. Every process is executed singularly for quality.

Only half of the Twinwoods estate is selected for cultivation; each plot is farmed and managed to take advantage of the specific site attributes. We take great care of our 25-year-old vine.

Hand pruning is rigorously practiced for quality and only highest-quality French oak barrel is used for fermentation. The estate also subscribes to a farming practice that is low on environmental impact and additive use.

“Good wine comes from a balance of crop, light, exposure and carefully managed harvest time,” as Aldo would often say. He is being factual yet humble. As the soul of Twinwoods, Aldo also applies his tremendous knowledge in wine-making science, sensibility, and determination to achieve a poised and harmonious flavor profile that perfectly represents the crossroad between heritage and modernity, making Twinwoods one of Australia’s most celebrated up- and-coming wines.

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