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Luxury fashion and Sustainability | Follow the lead.

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Discover SYN, the chemistry of style.

One of the greatest virtues of human nobility lies in the ability to adapt. In these troubled and confused times, it is very difficult to find any moral comfort and enjoy frivolous pleasures we sometimes offer ourselves, if we still can, without a hint of guilt. Luxury and consumption are still going strong though, however it will no longer be perceived as formerly... We all perfectly understood that the western lifestyle had to change and was already changing. Ok Boomer…

So what now? What’s left for us self-conscious epicureans? Anxiety, restriction, no red meat, cycling, recycling, Being fully aware of each one of our actions? Probably yes. But don't panic, brilliant minds are there to help us live better in a broken world out of stock. All over the globe, innovative companies in all fields are raising the right questions and are already providing solutions for our daily lives. Technology is boiling, research is in full swing. We are progressing for the better.

And fashion in all these changes? As usual, the world of luxury and its behemoth brands are still struggling to follow the path of innovation. That’s why one must now give luxury a new way, a new light. The beautiful lines, the pretty signatures, the impeccable design will now be pulled by a proactive philosophy of sustainable development and eco-responsible visions. Concepts perceived as almost utopian a few years ago have become the only alternative to support the fantasy of frivolity and the ultra-divine. In this new era, there is space for new brands. As young as their creators, these brands reinvent beautiful objects with new techniques, new mediums and also and above all reinject what should never have disappeared: Respect.

Respect for the environment but also respect in the workplace, and finally respect for consumers. Authenticity will remain available. Among these young and fantastic brands, discover SYN; an innovative Hong Kongese luxury brand for fashion and animal-free leather goods. “Live and let live, in style”. In the world we live in, the challenge is to keep progressing in harmony within the fragile cycle of life. Our level of refinement is now such that it should allow us to imagine sustainable and soft solutions to produce everything we need, without hurting any living creature. How about finding a true philosopher's stone that, thanks to its virtues and magics of science would turn into leather? Yes it is possible. SYN did it; founded in 2018 by three young entrepreneurs from whom two scientists. Three friends animated by the same conviction that any new company, any new brand shall create an eco-responsible way for growth. Whatever the project is, sustainability, long term respect for our planet must play an equal part than the project itself. Conscious the world of fashion still has to improve its many impacts on the environment, the detail minded team studied the possibility to create a new leather-like fabric which wouldn't take any animal life nor wouldn't generate polluting waste. After long and intense research, diligent experimentations and many tests, the conclusive solution was eventually found. A synthetic leather made out of natural silicone stone would simply turn back to sand after being incinerated… SYN, the chemistry of style was born. More a leathery feel than an attempt of imitation. SYN fabric is of mineral origin and 100% natural. It has been developed to reach all the virtues of a beautiful material offering a warm familiar touch. Very versatile thanks to its sophisticated structure, it allows to address the entire creation spectrum of fashion accessories, from luggage to shoe design, for which well-being and full comfort are essential. So what about your 2020 resolution? Will you be a sinner or a Synner?

Stay tuned for more insights in the coming months....

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